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Externer PIR Detektor mit integrierter Schwarz/Weiß-Kamera, Erfassungsbereich 30x20 m

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Externer PIR Detektor mit integrierter Schwarz/Weiß-Kamera, Erfassungsbereich 30x20 m


REDWATCH MULTI, a revised and upgraded version of our proven REDWATCH® technology, has a significantly more advanced high quality colour/mono camera with varifocal lens integrated with the PIR to deliver a combined/detector sensor. The new product also has the benefit of a higher mounting height. The option of a standard 2.3 Metre mounting height providing 50 x 30 metre detection range, or a 30 x 20 metre detection pattern at an increased height of 4 metres.
As with all products in our detection range, REDWATCH MULTI is particularly adept at countering one of the biggest headaches for remote monitoring centres, installers and end-users associated with false alarms in outdoor detection: miss-match of the camera lens view and the detection pattern. RedWatch multi now easily deals with issues caused by changes to the operation requirement on the remote site a slight alteration to the viewing angle of the camera now means that the detection pattern will follow, perfectly.
BS8418 Compliant
Colour/mono & monochrome versions
Matched Fields of view
Operating temperature -25°c to +60°c
Mono 570 TVL 8.0mm lens 0.08 lux
Colour/Mono 3.8-9.5mm Varifocal Lens Colour
0.5 lux 510 TVL Mono 0.03 lux 480TVL
Triple electronic processors
Gold coated optics
Triple dual element sensors
Patented optical array
Patented double conductive shielding

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